“GOING SEVENTEEN” Ends The Year With A Special Guest SEVENTEEN Didn’t See Coming

They didn’t expect him to see him there 😆

Because SEVENTEEN‘s variety show GOING SEVENTEEN is ending for the year, they’re treating fans to a last episode to recap the best moments of 2023. For Woozi, he couldn’t forget about the horror segment Grudge, which gave them chills from trying to escape the murderer Ko Sung Il.

Since DK missed out on filming that segment, he expressed his wish to try it. Little did they know, he would get his chance sooner than they thought.

Dino and Wonwoo immediately reacted when the person who’d played the murderer entered the room.

Even Seungkwan and Woozi were in disbelief that he was there.

Scaring Mingyu and The8, the actor recreated the scary scene where he chased them with a pick axe.

This time, the scene ended with Ko Sung Il hugging Woozi.

The unexpectedly soft ending, paired with the intense running beforehand, made SEVENTEEN burst into laughter.

And as quickly as he ran onto the set, the actor said his goodbyes.

Although it was a brief moment, SEVENTEEN appreciated the actor’s dedication to going “all the way there” to recreate the scene and make a new funny memory.