Golden Child’s Daeyeol Really Channelled His Older Brother INFINITE’s Sungyeol For Halloween

Can you spot the difference between the two?

Golden Child‘s Daeyeol recently held a live broadcast, where he truly succeeded in channelling his older brother, INFINITE‘s Sungyeol!

The live broadcast was Halloween themed, where Daeyeol decided to cosplay Sungyeol and gave both Goldenness and INSPIRITs hilarious moments to remember!

Dressed up as Sungyeol, Daeyeol danced to tons of INFINITE choreography (nailing all of Sungyeol’s parts!):

And also impersonated his hyung in more than his looks!

Daeyeol also called his brother to inform him about the live broadcast, andย quickly faded out of the call after hilariously revealing the concept for the broadcast!

Should I call hyung? Should I really give him a call? But if he doesnโ€™t answer or if heโ€™s not available to speak, I wonโ€™t talk with him. I havenโ€™t called him in a long time. Iโ€™m in trouble.
Since he doesnโ€™t know Iโ€™m broadcasting, Iโ€™ll go and tell him. Wait here, everyone.

Call: โ€œHello? hyung. What are you doing? Youโ€™re having fun? Iโ€™m doing a broadcast. Oh, oh. Really? You know what I got permission for last time? The costume. The costume. Iโ€™m having fun with that right now. Iโ€™m doing well. I was just wondering what you were up to. Oh, really? Okay, hyung.

Hello? Hello? Okay! Okay!


Daeyeol even suggested a joint live broadcast to his brother, only to be turned down by him because Sungyeol absolutely refused to appear in Daeyeol’s “Damdadi” outfit from his debut days!

Fellow Golden Child member Jangjun also joined in the fun, exposing the group’s leader with hilarious photos!

Sungyeol: Are you guys together?

Jangjun: He asked me to deliver this to you hahahahhaha


Fans are living for this content!

INFINITE’s Sungyeol was discharged from the military on October 27, and even held a joint live broadcast with fellow member Sunggyu!

Golden Child recently made their comeback with “Pump It Up” on October 7!

Fans hope for more adorable (and hilarious) moments between Daeyeol and Sungyeol in the future!