Golden Child’s Jaehyun Has Tested Positive For The Coronavirus

Get well soon, Jaehyun.

Golden Child‘s Bong Jaehyun has just tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Woollim Entertainment made the announcement on the group’s official Twitter account and fancafe.

Hello, this is Woollim Entertainment.

Golden Child’s Bong Jaehyun received a positive Coronavirus test result today, December 17.

Bong Jaehyun conducted a pre-emptive test on December 16 and received a positive result this morning. He did not partake in any other outside activities besides his planned schedules. Staff who may have crossed paths with him during the schedules have also completed necessary measures such as getting tested.

Jaehyun is currently asymptomatic and is quarantining separately from while following health guidelines.

Immediately after Jaehyun’s positive confirmation, the entire Golden Child dorm and building went under quarantine procedure. All Golden Child members and company staff are getting tested and self-isolating, regardless if they were in contact with Jaehyun or not.

We will let you know as soon as the other Golden Child members’ test results are out.

We hope you understand, and we will do our best to follow the guidelines and quarantine procedures related to Covid-19.

— Woollim Entertainment