Top Actress Gong Hyo Jin Shares Her Full Love Story With Husband Kevin Oh

“I was against getting married…”

Gong Hyo Jin revealed how she first met her husband, singer Kevin Oh.

Gong Hyo Jin
Kevin Oh 

On January 4, You Quiz On The Block uploaded a teaser for their upcoming episode. In the trailer, Gong Hyo Jin reveals that she was planning on never getting married before meeting her husband.

I was against getting married. I used to tell people that it was best not to have children. Because many of my friends were single, I never felt alone. But like they say, you know when you meet the person you are destined to marry. When I met him, I felt that it was the first time that I met someone who was a way better person than I was.

— Gong Hyo Jin

Gong Hyo Jin then shared how she first met Kevin. According to the actress, the couple first met when she went to his concert.

I had just finished a project and wanted to travel. Around that time, I heard Kevin Oh was holding a concert, so I went. After, a foreign musician was having a concert, and I somehow went with Kevin Oh. I was told that Kevin would be paying for the tickets, so I was told Kevin’s bank account number (to transfer money for the tickets) before I learned his phone number.

I got to know him better while having drinks with the people who went to that concert.

— Gong Hyo Jin

The actress then revealed the couple had their first date overseas.

I traveled to the United States, and I heard Kevin was also there. I asked him if he wanted to have tea. This was after I filmed When The Camelia Blooms, so I was very popular at the time. I thought it would be dangerous to meet him overseas since people might think we had traveled together, but I still met him for a meal. My friends asked me how it went and I told them that it was just casual. I then texted him, using the time difference as an excuse. He responded to the text by asking if I wanted to join him for morning coffee, and so we had a tea date.

— Gong Hyo Jin

Meanwhile, Gong Hyo Jin is one of Korea’s most beloved actors. The actress married singer Kevin Oh in 2022. You can watch her episode’s trailer in the link below.

Source: spotv news