Gong Yoo Hypes Up New K-Drama “My Liberation Notes” After Low Viewership Ratings

Don’t let ratings guide you, let Gong Yoo!

JTBC‘s new ongoing K-Drama My Liberation Notes (also known as My Liberation Diary) recently premiered. It stars Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, and Lee El as siblings, featuring Son Suk Ku (also known as Son Seok Koo) as Mr. Gu, a stranger, pursuing freedom and liberation amidst their mundane lives.

Life takes a toll on three siblings who long to be freed from their mundane routines. But when a mysterious drunkard moves to their quiet village, their dreams of excitement and fulfillment no longer seem so far away.

— The Swoon

From left: Son Suk Ku, Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, and Lee El in “My Liberation Notes.” | JTBC & Netflix

New episodes release every Saturday and Sunday. Only a few episodes have been released at this time, yet viewers are already praising it for its relatable main characters and realistic storylines.

Nevertheless, it has some of the lowest viewership ratings on TV. It contains talented actors and a moving script, but it won’t be popular with those seeking K-Dramas for escapism from their monotonous lives as the drama may be too somber or slow.

Still, My Liberation Notes fans are urging people to give the K-Drama a chance.

Now, so is the beloved actor Gong Yoo.

Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo posted two back-to-back posts on Instagram, promoting the drama to his 3.3 million followers. The first post included a caption referencing an iconic line from the drama itself, “I worship you,” that also doubled as his own praise for My Liberation Notes. 

I worship you.

— Gong Yoo’s caption

Gong Yoo directly touched on the low ratings in the next post. He advised everyone not to focus on it but instead encouraged them to watch it for themselves as he shared his love for the K-Drama. Viewer ratings certainly do not define a K-Drama. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo actually received the lowest viewership ratings in its time slot while it was on TV, yet it is now one of the most beloved K-Dramas ever.

Viewer ratings? Don’t chase after that..
Give it all~~ to me like a warrior
Explode all the love!

— Gong Yoo’s caption

His advertising seemed to work. Since he posted, netizens have promised to start watching.

Netflix, the international distributor, also tweeted reasons to watch, including Gong Yoo’s recommendation.

This wouldn’t be the first time Gong Yoo endorsed a K-Drama he himself was not the star of. Previously, he showed support for Nam Joo Hyuk‘s Twenty Five Twenty One and Choi Woo Shik‘s Our Beloved Summer, as all three actors are under Management SOOP.

Watch the trailer for My Liberation Notes below:

Source: @gongyoo_official