New K-Drama “My Liberation Notes” Receives Praise For Relatable Main Characters, Storylines, And More

It’s an underrated masterpiece!

JTBC‘s new ongoing K-Drama My Liberation Notes (also known as My Liberation Diary) recently premiered. It stars Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, and Lee El as siblings, featuring Son Suk Ku (also known as Son Seok Koo) as Mr. Gu, a stranger pursuing freedom and liberation amidst their mundane lives.

From left: Son Suk Ku, Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, and Lee El in “My Liberation Notes.” | JTBC & Netflix

Life takes a toll on three siblings who long to be freed from their mundane routines. But when a mysterious drunkard moves to their quiet village, their dreams of excitement and fulfillment no longer seem so far away.

— The Swoon

The K-Drama currently releases every Saturday and Sunday and is available to watch on Netflix internationally. There have only been a few episodes released as the drama premiered on April 9. Yet, it already has created a dedicated following despite reported low viewership ratings.

Viewers are loving the drama so far. It is receiving praise for its realistic storylines and relatable characters.

My Liberation Notes focuses on Lee Min Ki as Yeom Chang Hee, the oldest sibling, Lee El as Yeom Gi Jung, the middle child, Kim Ji Won as Yeom Mi Jeong, the youngest, and Son Suk Ku as Mr. Gu, a mysterious stranger who works for their family. The three siblings struggle to find fulfillment in life, traveling to and from a remote smalltown to Seoul for their corporate jobs nearly every day, giving them little to no free time. Consequently, they also struggle to build connections with others.

From left: Son Suk Ku, Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, and Lee El in “My Liberation Notes.” | JTBC & Netflix

The sisters especially have been two characters that viewers relate to. So, many times, their scenes resonate with our shared experiences.

The writers are especially praised for their quotable lines that too many of us can relate to. Writer Park Hae Young previously wrote tvN‘s My Mister and Another Miss Oh.

Still, it’s the actors’ delivery as well that helps to make the K-Drama so outstanding. Especially as the potential lead couple barely speak to one another yet display so much chemistry and emotion.

Viewers are already loving Mi Jeong and Mr. Gu together and are anticipating more.


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In fact, Mr. Gu has become a fan-favorite despite his little to no lines.

Or might it be the case we love him because he is a listener more than a talker?


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His love language would definitely be Acts of Service.

Besides a great cast and script, the cinematography by Kim Suk Yoon should be noted too. If you enjoy slice-of-life cinematography, you will love it.

My Liberation Notes is surely a K-Drama that should not be ignored. Those who have watched it so far find it deeply resonating, and for good reason.

It certainly won’t give you the escapism that most seek from K-Dramas. Still, it will give you something that may be just as needed if you’re going through a difficult time. It gives reassurance that you’re not struggling alone.

We live in difficult times, and many of us don’t have everything figured out and are not necessarily “enjoying life.” So, it is somewhat comforting to view a K-Drama in which the leads are all working adults but also are unsatisfied. Not everything is rainbows and butterflies all of the time.

So many feel seen finally in a K-Drama through the My Liberation Notes characters.

Beloved actor Gong Yoo too, has become a fan of My Liberation Notes. Read what he has to say about it below:

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