Actor Gong Yoo’s Latest Instagram Post Has ARMYs Going Crazy, And Here’s The Hilarious Reason Why

Someone get BTS’s Jin on the phone!

In 2021, actor Gong Yoo sent the internet into excitement when he finally opened his own Instagram.

After years of relying on photoshoots, official content, and K-Dramas, fans were suddenly able to see a more personal side to him, which also included some hilarious selfies and pictures of food!

Gong Yoo | @gongyoo_official/ Instagram

Well, what does Gong Yoo and his Instagram have to do with BTS? On the surface, absolutely nothing. But his latest posts have proved otherwise to ARMYs, and it’s all because of BTS‘s Jin!

BTS’s Jin

Gong Yoo recently went on Instagram and posted some great pictures of how he’s been spending his free time. After the hecticness of his last few projects, he seems to have had some fun on a boat, doing a bit of fishing…

| @gongyoo_official/ Instagram

| @gongyoo_official/ Instagram

He even caught a huge fish which is impressive for anyone, never mind someone who isn’t a professional fisherman.

| @gongyoo_official/ Instagram

Have you made the connection to BTS yet? Nope?

Well, it’s all to do with Jin’s famous track he released for his birthday called “Super Tuna.” When it was released, the song took over the internet with Jin’s visuals and the catchy melody and dance to go with the track.


| BANGTANTV/ YouTube   

So, that’s the connection! Jin released “Super Tuna,” and Gong Yoo was out catching… maybe, Tuna!

Although the connection is random, it was enough to send ARMYs crazy, and the comments on Gong Yoo’s photos were flooded with fans wanting to see the actor do the “Super Tuna” Challenge…

Others thought that this was a sign that maybe “Actor Jin” might be coming up.

If that wasn’t enough, fans even found old pictures of Jin fishing and saw the similarities between both men.

In particular, one photo of Jin holding a huge fish resembles the one posted by Gong Yoo. If you look at them side by side, there is no denying why ARMYs are freaking out.

| Weverse

| @gongyoo_official/ Instagram

Whether Gong Yoo does the “Super Tuna” challenge or whether there is some kind of interaction from this, no doubt ARMYs love finding connections between their favorite stars.

You can read more about the epic “Super Tuna” track below.

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Source: @gongyoo_official and BANGTANTV