Gong Yoo’s Instagram Feed Gets Roasted In A Perfect “Expectation Vs. Reality”—By The Actor Himself

We don’t think you understand, we’re obsessed.

South Korea’s biggest heartthrob Gong Yoo is known for many things, such as his perfect hair, suave acting skills, and his never-changing handsome visuals. However, with his recent decision to open up his personal Instagram account, it has become evidently clear that the actor has some serious humor—and it was even more highlighted in his most recent upload.

Actor Gong Yoo.

The handsome actor only recently opened up his first ever social media account, exciting fans all across the globe and surprisingly enough, he’s been pretty good with his uploads. Gong Yoo accumulated a whopping 2.9 million followers with ease and he’s been steadily growing his account ever since.

Unlike what fans may have been expecting, however, the Silent Sea actor has become known for his comedic posts—and Gong Yoo himself roasted his own Instagram page.

In a typical “expectation vs. reality” fashion, the talented actor shared this post but with a twist. Gong Yoo uploaded a series of photos with a caption from his fans’ perspective: “what we [fans] expected Gong Yoo’s Instagram feed to be like.” 

The first two pictures were adorable snapshots of the actor giving off some strong boyfriend vibes in a hoodie…

…while the next two were some Instagram-appropriate candids of Gong Yoo.

| @gongyoo_official/Instagram

Finally, the actor shared two very handsome, very moody photos of himself posing for the camera to conclude the “expectations” reel.

| @gongyoo_official/Instagram

However, the hilarious actor shared photos of his actual feed with the next caption, “Gong Yoo’s feed”—which was filled with random fish, food, and comedic photos!

| @gongyoo_official/Instagram

Oh Gong Yoo, it should be illegal to be as handsome and funny as you are!

In related news, Gong Yoo has recently been seeing yet, another surge in popularity due to his recent appearance in the sci-fi thriller series, The Silent Sea—which you can watch on Netflix.