Gong Yoo Gets A Warm Surprise From His Former “Goblin” Mate Lee Dong Wook

Now this is a bromance I can get behind

It’s been 4 years since the end of the insanely popular drama Goblin but the friendships created on set seem to remain. Actors Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook prove that their beautiful bromance is still alive with this update.

It’s been recently revealed that Gong Yoo would make a guest appearance on the show You Quiz On The Block and this news created a buzz online, exciting fans of the drama. Well Goblin fans, get even more excited as the official Instagram page of You Quiz On The Block just posted some updates about Gong Yoo’s appearance and it looks like he got a surprise from a fellow Goblin actor.

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Actor Lee Dong Wook showed his love by sending a coffee cart to the filming location of the variety program! Along with the coffee cart, Lee Dong Wook sent some enlarged photos with his and Gong Yoo’s faces to cheer up the set. The photos also promoted the two actors’ current projects, Lee Dong Wook’s drama Tale of the Nine Tailed and Gong Yoo’s movie Seobok. The show’s official Instagram page uploaded the series of photos with the caption:

| @youquizontheblock/Instagram

We love you Lee Dong Wook. A warm gift from actor Lee Dong Wook. He made everyone happy on set with the warm coffee and fish cakes. (Are you watching Nolto? All the snacks came here~) Gong Yoo will be here on the show so please look forward to that!

— @youquizontheblock Instagram

| @youquizontheblock/Instagram

While everyone is probably excited for Gong Yoo’s appearance on the variety show, we are also just as excited to see the two handsome actors and their continuing bromance! Check out the rest of the photos below!

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⠀⠀ 이동욱 자기님 사랑합니다♡ #구미호 가 #도깨비 공유에게… 이동욱 배우님(@leedongwook_official)의 따뜻한 선물🎁 커피&어묵으로 촬영장 모두는 행복해요🤩 (놀토 보고 있나?^ㅇ^ 간식은 요기로 왔다네~) 유퀴즈를 찾아올 공유 자기님! 자기님들 많은 기대 부탁드립니다 (벌써 꿀잼 느낌!) 수요일 저녁 8시 40분! 유퀴즈? 🙏 ⠀ #유퀴즈온더블럭 #유퀴즈 #유재석 #조세호 #수요일저녁8시40분 #tvN #공유 #도깨비 #이동욱 #구미호 #구미호뎐

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