Gong Yoo Proves His Youthful Nature By Sharing His Love For Basketball And Sneakers

Can you believe he’s 41?!

Gong Yoo is back with another editorial and this time, it’s for men’s magazine, Esquire Korea. The handsome actor sat down with the magazine company to talk about a few of his favorite things in life, including his passion for sports.

I don’t play golf. I still enjoy playing and running with a ball rather than just hitting it.

I love basketball and I also like tennis. I can feel that my joints aren’t what they used to be, but I still think basketball is so fun. I still go crazy for the NBA and watch their games. I learned how to play tennis for half a year before my schedule got too busy, but I would like to pick it back up once my filming is complete.

— Gong Yoo

The Seobok actor continued to prove his youthful nature by revealing his sneakerhead ways.

I’ve always loved sneakers. There have been times where I think, ‘okay let’s stop, no more, this is useless. Let’s let it go Ji Chul-ah (birth name).’ I will stop here and there, but then I start buying them again. I thought about why I’m so obsessed with buying sneakers and I realized it’s because I’m compensating for my childhood when I couldn’t buy the things I wanted.

When I see a pair of Jordan’s that I like, my hands just gravitate towards them. If I buy one pair, I can’t stop myself and then somehow I have them in every color…

— Gong Yoo

The fit 41-year-old actor surprised absolutely nobody when he shared that he may have an addiction to exericising.

I can’t give up exercising. The amazing feeling you get when you sweat, there’s an addictive feeling to it. I think many people can agree with me, whether they’re actors or not, but once you reach a certain age you can only do so many things as a hobby.

— Gong Yoo

We didn’t think we could love Gong Yoo more and yet, here we are. You can catch his entire interview with Esquire Korea, here!

Source: Insight and Esquire Korea
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