Gong Yoo, Kim Jae Wook And The Cast Remember The Late Lee Eon In “Coffee Prince” Documentary

May he rest in peace.

13 years after its initial broadcast, the Coffee Prince cast gathered for a documentary about the show. As the cast were reunited, they carefully conversed about the late Lee Eon, who passed after a motorcycle accident in 2008. It had only been a year after he wrapped up Coffee Prince as the lovable Min Yeob.

It was well-known that the cast grew very close and fond of each other during the filming. When Kim Dong Wook had won an acting award in 2019, the first person he told was Kim Jae Wook, his fellow “prince”.

When the topic of Lee Eon’s passing was brought up, the actors responded rather solemnly. It was a great coincidence that it started raining as soon as the topic was brought up.

Both Kim Dong Wook and Kim Jae Wook shared that although Lee Eon’s life was short, he managed to do everything that he wanted. Gong Yoo also teared up at the mention of the late actor, as he had treated Lee Eon like a real brother. He revealed that the cast and crew had avoided talking about Lee Eon for some time, as they were incredibly affected by his passing. Gong Yoo continued that he wished Lee Eon could have been with them for the documentary as well.

The cast’s sincere emotions about the talented Lee Eon will be revealed in part two of Docuplex‘s documentary about the Coffee Prince syndrome.

Source: Star Today