“Goo Hara Act” Has Officially Passed, Potentially Disqualifying Her Mother’s Access To Her Inheritance

Her older brother hopes this will help others who are in a similar situation

On December 1, 2020, the “Goo Hara Act” has officially passed the National Assembly in South Korea.

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In an ongoing legal battle between Goo Hara‘s older brother, Goo Ho In and their mother over the late singer’s inheritance, the “Goo Hara Act” has officially been approved into law. The act will restrict survivor’s pension or inheritances for families who failed their parental duties.

This act was proposed shortly after Goo Hara’s death by her brother, Goo Ho In when their mother demanded half of her inheritance. This infuriated netizens as fans knew that Goo Hara and her brother were both raised by their grandmother and aunt. Amongst fans, it is widely known that their mother abandoned them when they were just children. After her passing, her absentee mother filed a lawsuit demanding 50% of Goo Hara’s inheritance as she believed she had a right to it as her mother.

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Prior to this act, the South Korean law stated that a mother or father would have the right to their child’s inheritance after their passing, even if the parents did not raise them properly. With the approval of the “Goo Hara Act”, this would increase the reasons of disqualifications to include those who were negligent to their familial duties.

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This is an incredible victory for Goo Ho In and for the late Goo Hara as well. May she rest in peace.

Source: Law Times Korea
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