Goo Hara Leaves Heart-Wrenching Message For Sulli On Her Instagram Live

She couldn’t hold back her emotions.

Goo Hara left a heart-wrenching message for her best friend Sulli on Instagram Live, apologizing for not being able to be with her to see her off.

Goo Hara is currently in Japan to fulfill her schedules, and thus is unable to be by Sulli’s side to see her off at her funeral, so she sent her a video message instead. Goo Hara could be seen with visibly swollen eyes and choking back tears.

She kept on apologizing to Sulli during her short broadcast.

Sulli, I’m sorry I can’t go [to your funeral] because I am in Japan.

I’m sorry that I had no other choice but to greet you like this.

Live well up there and do everything that you wanted to do.

I will live hard and work hard for you.

Everyone, Sulli and I were really close, we lived like a real set of sisters.

In return, I wanted to to say something to Sulli, so I turned on this live broadcast.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Everyone, please don’t worry. Goodbye, Sulli.

— Goo Hara

Watch Hara’s Instagram Live video message to Sulli below:

Sulli's Passing