Goo Hara’s Manager Shares She Has Recently Been Battling Depression

The manager was keeping a close eye on her.

Since the news of Goo Hara‘s attempted suicide, fans have grown extremely worried about her current state of being. While nothing has been updated about her status yet, her manager, in an anonymous interview with Korean press, shared that Goo Hara has recently been battling depression.


The manager had been keeping a very close eye on Goo Hara because she showed signs of extreme depression. This is how the agency was able to act quickly and get help for Goo Hara as soon as they found out about her attempt to take her own life.

Goo Hara has recently been battling depression. We were aware of that and we’ve been paying attention to her well-being. That’s why when she didn’t answer her phone, I went to check on her immediately. And I found her passed out on the floor.

— Goo Hara’s Manager


Goo Hara has gone through a series of controversies since September of 2018. Her ex-boyfriend and she got involved in a long, exhausting legal battle over date abuse. She also parted ways with her agency Keyeast Entertainment earlier in 2019. In April of 2019, she faced netizen criticism about her decision to undergo double eyelid surgery for ptosis correction.


She was also involved in a suicide rumor in 2018, when fans speculated that she overdosed on pills. Her agency at the time responded that she was battling insomnia and indigestion and in fact needed medical care, but she was not trying to take her own life. It was advised that netizens stop spreading false information about Goo Hara “only leads to her getting hurt.”

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Fans are now patiently awaiting updates for Goo Hara’s condition. Her Instagram account, where she uploaded then deleted a questionable post that read “Goodbye” that immediately concerned the fans, is now flooding with words of love and support. On her last post, containing some words of wisdom, fans – and her celebrity friends – are leaving encouraging comments to show that they are hoping for only the best for Goo Hara.

Hang in there… The longer you endure, the stronger you’ll become.

— Actor Han Jung Soo

From now on, only think of yourself and take all the time you need Hara. I’ve said this before, no matter how long it takes, I’ll always be on your side ♥️

— Instagram @kara_hara

I hope you know that you still have so many people who love you unconditionally.

— Instagram @chatastrophi


If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or has had thoughts of harming themselves or taking their own life, please refer to your local confidential support for people in distress, as well as professional practices and resources that aid in prevention and crisis situations. 

Source: SBS Fun E