Goo Hara’s Twitter Gets Hacked Again, Making This The Second Time In One Month

Fans are asking for her account to be memorialized.

Goo Hara‘s Twitter account has been hacked, yet again, making this the second time in a one month time frame.

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On January 13th in a now deleted tweet, someone hacked Goo Hara’s account to write some bizarre words.

| @_sweethara/Twitter

I want to introduce some guys to my unnies so if you know any single and nice oppas, please reach out to my KakaoTalk.

— _sweethara/Twitter

This isn’t the first time the deceased’s Twitter account has been hacked. Previously on December 14th of last year, Goo Hara’s account was hacked into for the first time. This time, the hacker decided to leave some cryptic messages on her account, raising confusion and concerns.

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Fans are increasingly growing concerned, pleading with the hackers to leave the deceased alone. Goo Hara’s Instagram account, along with many others has officially been memorialized just a month ago. Fans believe that her Twitter account should also follow suit, especially after these numerous hacking attempts.

Goo Hara’s memorialized Instagram page | @koohara_/Instagram

Goo Hara’s death shocked the nation and all her fans across the globe back in 2019. It has somehow already been over a year since she left this earth.

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May she rest in peace.


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