Kim Soo Mi Asks Goo Hye Sun If She’s Lonely — Goo Hye Sun Confesses She’s In Love

She was quick to respond.

On the first episode of SKY & SBS2‘s Soo Mi’s Mountain Cabin, Goo Hye Sun appeared as the first guest where she opened up about her personal life.

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Actress Kim Soo Mi and Goo Hye Sun had an honest heart-to-heart about various topics.

And as expected from the bold veteran, Kim Soo Mi didn’t hold back.

I feel like you’re the fussy type. I don’t think you have any friends. I won’t act in a movie that you direct. We’ll probably fight.

— Kim Soo Mi

But they also dove into deep topics about Goo Hye Sun’s personal life.

One of which was related to Goo Hye Sun’s long-time use of sleeping pills.

I’ve been taking sleeping pills for 13 years. Because of the work I do in this industry. My brain forgot how to sleep.

— Goo Hye Sun

In particular, Kim Soo Mi asked Goo Hye Sun if she’s lonely.

But Goo Hye Sun stressed that it’s quite the opposite.

I’m dating a lot, you know. This world is crawling with men. I’m in love.

— Goo Hye Sun

And Kim Soo Mi showed her full support.

If you get married, send me an invitation. I’ll go to your wedding.

— Kim Soo Mi

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Back in January, Goo Hye Sun drew interest by confessing that she was seeing someone.

| @kookoo900/Instagram

After a dispute in the public eye, Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun made their divorce official in July of last year.

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