Goo Hye Sun Takes First Steps Since Divorce As She Signs With A New Agency… Reunited With Former Manager From YG Entertainment

We wish her the best of luck!

After a long ride involving accusations thrown around on social media as well as general confusion for the public, actress Goo Hye Sun recently finalized her divorce with ex-husband, actor Ahn Jae Hyun. She has now more news for fans as she takes steps to lead her own life after parting ways from Ahn Jae Hyun and their former agency.

As it is known, the two were under HB Entertainment until the agency terminated their exclusive contract with her in April. Since then, Goo Hye Sun had previously announced that she would be taking a break from the entertainment industry to pursue college. It comes as a shock to many, that she had signed a contract with a new agency as of the 20th of July 2020.

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On the 20th, she took to her personal instagram to deliver the following news. She claimed that while her own studio company, Goo Hye Sun Film, will still be in charge of her activities as a producer and writer, MIMI Entertainment will be taking over the management for her broadcast activities.

In fact, MIMI Entertainment goes a long way back with Goo Hye Sun. The current CEO of MIMI Entertainment is reported to have been her manager from her rookie days in YG Entertainment prior to her starring role in Boys Over Flowers. Goo Hye Sun was under YG Entertainment up til 2017.

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Goo Hye Sun expressed her trust in him, promising to start anew with a fighting spirit and would greet fans soon. On the other hand, her and Ahn Jae Hyun have apparently decided to cheer each other on despite the divorce.

The full translation of her post is as follows.

MIMI Entertainment will simultaneously be managing my broadcasting activities while Goo Hye Sun Film will manage my producing and writing activities. MIMI Entertainment is a place where my trusted manager of 10 years, since before my role in Boys Over Flowers, Kim Sung Hoon is at.

<To live a life overflowing with fighting spirit again!>

Was what we promised to move forward with.

I will greet you all soon.

– Goo Hye Sun


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