Goo Hye Sun Updates Her Instagram For The First Time Since Posting About Her Divorce Controversy

She posted on Instagram again.

For the past few weeks, Goo Hye Sun has mainly used her Instagram page to reveal her side of the story during her recent divorce controversy with Ahn Jae Hyun.


She had deleted most of her posts and has kept quiet since calling Ahn Jae Hyun out on his claims about their marriage and alleged Kakao Talk messages.

Koo Hye Sun’s first Instagram post about her divorce. The image reads: “I love you, Goo Hye Sun. I love you. Goo Hye Sun.”


After a couple of days, Goo Hye Sun made her first Instagram post where instead of continuing on with her divorce controversy, she announced the successful end to her private exhibition. She also announced that she donated all of the proceeds (20 million won, ~$17,000 USD) to an institution for pets.

A world without you is loneliness to me.

<Jin San Gallery – Goo Hye Sun Private Preview Exhibit> has finished successfully. The proceeds of 20 million won will be donated to an institution for pets. Thank you.

— Goo Hye Sun


She wrote, “A world without you is loneliness to me.” Some speculate that it is her reaffirming her stance against getting a divorce and instead “protecting [her] family.”

Others believe she is referring to her pets as she previously claimed that she suffered depression after the death of one of her dogs.

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After our dog died, I was the first to suffer from depression.

— Goo Hye Sun


Netizens have showered her with comfort and support as they cheered her on during this painful time.

Source: Seoul EN and Newsen

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