Goo Hye Sun Reveals HB Entertainment’s CEO Has Still Not Responded To Her Messages From 7 Weeks Ago

She has been ghosted by her agency CEO.

Goo Hye Sun has revealed her text messages to HB Entertainment‘s CEO Moon Bo Mi, showing that even after 7 weeks, the CEO still has not responded to her requests for contract termination.

She revealed the texts to Moon Bo Mi, which started on August 18, shortly after the news of her divorce with Ahn Jae Hyun was revealed to the public, along with her own message.

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이건 팔월에 보낸 문자이고 벌써 시월이네요. 회사가 안재현씨의 이혼에 관여하면서 저와는 신뢰가 훼손된 상태였습니다. 안재현씨와 대표님이 저의 험담을 나눈 내용은 디스패치 포렌식 문자가 아닌 카톡에 있었으며 저와 안재현씨가 이 부분에 대해 나눈 내용을 제가 녹취하여 법원에 제출했습니다. 현재 매니지먼트의 도움없이 저는 혼자 일을하고 있는데요. 이럴거면 2개월전 안재현씨는 저를 왜 이 회사에 영입되도록 도움을 준것일까요. 의문이 듭니다. 2년동안 무수한 문자를 나눈 부부인데 달랑 몇개를 골라내어 본인에게 유리하도록 재편집하고 디스패치에 보도한 안재현씨의 회사는 이상하게도 저와 같은 회사인 HB엔터테이먼트 입니다. 배우의 인격권을 침해한 HB엔터테인먼트는 조속히 계약해지를 해주시길 바랍니다.

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This is a message form August, and it is already October. The agency’s involvement in my divorce with Ahn Jae Hyun has damaged my trust with them.

Ahn Jae Hyun and the company CEO talked about me in their Kakaotalk conversations, ones which were not revealed by the Dispatch forensic investigations. I have also recorded the conversations I had with Ahn Jae Hyun and will be submitting them to court.

I am currently working alone without any help from a management agency. If things were going to turn out like this, why did Ahn Jae Hyun help me join the company just 2 months prior? I have my questions.

We were a couple who had been sending each other messages for 2 years, but they just picked out a few of the more startling messages and pasted them all together. The company that reported the text messages to Dispatch was HB Entertainment, the same company that I was in.

I request that HB Entertainment terminate my contract with them as soon as possible as they have violated their actress’ personal rights.

— Goo Hye Sun

She also posted 2 screenshots of her text messages to Moon Bo Mi CEO, showing that they have not been responded to. The first one she sent is from August 18, 2019.

CEO. Hello. I don’t think I will be staying in the company given the current situation. The director told me that you would agree to the contract termination.

A couple should solve the problems between themselves, and Ahn Jae Hyun should now be hiding behind the CEO like a coward.

I am going to leave the company and confront the person called Ahn Jae Hyun. I would be thankful if you cancelled the contract.

— Goo Hye Sun

In another set of messages she revealed from 10 days later, August 28 and 29, she still had not received a response.

CEO. Please cancel my contract.

— Goo Hye Sun, August 28

CEO. First, I was told that you would cancel my contract, so why have you not agreed to cancel it?! You said it first that it would be uncomfortable having 2 actors in the same agency who want a divorce.

But you didn’t respond.

Please end (the contract) cleanly.

— Goo Hye Sun

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