Goo Hye Sun Reveals She Has Not Agreed On A Divorce, Releases Another Text Message To Ahn Jae Hyun

She spoke her heart, and revealed why they’re getting divorced.

Goo Hye Sun has revealed another one of her text messages to Ahn Jae Hyun, calling for him to work with her on finalizing their divorce, and also wishing to protect her family.

In her caption, she stated how HB Entertainment released their divorce statement without Goo Hye Sun’s agreement, and that she does not agree with a divorce.

Today, I was in a hurry to upload what I did because I thought the official statements would be released today. Although we are int he process of talking about a divorce, we have not signed or agreed on a final decision yet. The official statement made by HB Entertainment was made without consulting with me. I want to protect my family.

— Goo Hye Sun

In her image, she shared a picture of two messages she sent to Ahn Jae Hyun. The first one she sent was at 1:40 am KST and simply says “You’re in a call. Call me back.” Her second message was much longer.

You’re still in a call at this hour. I met with our director today and he told me that you told the CEO I read out KakaoTalk messages where you and the CEO were cursing me. You also said that the faith I had in our marriage and the faith I had in the agency was no longer there.

I don’t think it’s right for the agency to deal with our divorce. They did say if I want, they will terminate our contract and I think it’s the right thing for me to do. I know that once I leave, rumors of our divorce will start coming out, so I’m willing to get a divorce right now, as you want.

But if I leave the agency, and we do get a divorce, I will have no work so send me the remaining balance on our Yongin house. Also, let’s write down these promises we make with our lawyers, and go through on the divorce process

The reasons are the same. Your heart changed. A loss of trust. And I will accept those facts. Tell the truth. And send me the balance.

— Goo Hye Sun

Earlier today, Goo Hye Sun revealed text messages showing that Ahn Jae Hyun was bored with their relationship. She later deleted those screenshots, and uploaded a new series of texts to protect her mother. Later, HB Entertainment confirmed that both actors are indeed getting a divorce. Ahn Jae Hyun’s new drama stated that they had no idea he was going through the divorce process, and didn’t show it to anyone on set. A close acquaintance revealed that her decision to move to HB Entertainment could have been the cause for their divorce.

Goo Hye Sun And Ahn Jae Hyun's Divorce