“GOOD GIRL” Announces Plans To Edit Out AB6IX’s Lim Youngmin From Upcoming Episode

The producers responded.

After AB6IX‘s Lim Youngmin was caught driving under influence, he had been facing a large amount of criticisms to which he released a personally hand-written apology letter.

He immediately halted all promotions, but was spotted in the trailer for an upcoming episode of GOOD GIRL. Many viewers criticized Mnet for not editing him out due to his controversy, but the show’s production team responded with their own explanation.

They explained that the episode was filmed before the controversy and they plan to edit him out in the full episode as much as they can.

The pre-recording was already finished, and since it is a competition, we will be doing our best to edit his one-shots out and such to prevent it from harming the other artists.

— Mnet’s GOOD GIRL

GOOD GIRL is a competition variety show featuring some of the best female hip-hop and R&B artists. They are put into teams and complete quests to win prizes. Top names such as Ailee, Girl’s Generation‘s Hyoyeon, KARD‘s Jiwoo, Jamie Park, and more compete on the show.

The next episode will feature Hyomin, Ravi, OH MY GIRL, and AB6IX as their competitors.

Source: Newsen and Donga