“Good Morning America” Under Fire For Inappropriately Naming TWICE’s “The Feels” Performance Video

The performance video’s title doesn’t mention TWICE at all.

The video’s name has since been changed to “Global superstars Twice perform their new hit song ‘The Feels.'”

TWICE recently appeared on the morning talk show GMA3: What You Need To Know, a spinoff of the talk show Good Morning America (GMA), to promote and perform their first all-English single, “The Feels.”

Like they do for their other guests, Good Morning America uploaded TWICE’s performance and interview to their YouTube channel, so ONCEs who weren’t able to see TWICE perform on the morning talk show would be able to watch it later.

| Good Morning America/YouTube

Although TWICE rocked their GMA3 performance, fans noticed that the title the GMA3 staff gave the YouTube video was inappropriate and dismissive of TWICE’s achievements and contributions to K-Pop as a whole. The video was named “Special K-Pop performance,” which says absolutely nothing about TWICE or “The Feels” at all.

ONCEs commented on the video to ask Good Morning America to change the video’s title and to let the GMA3 staff know that the current title was disrespectful to TWICE.

ONCEs also expressed their disapproval of the title on Twitter.

ONCEs who watched the “Special K-Pop performance” video also were displeased by the hosts’, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, apparent lack of research before they talked to TWICE. Amy Robach mentioned that TWICE’s breakthrough song was “Cheer Up” and that the group was formed through the survival show SIXTEEN; however, she thought that TWICE’s unique point was having singers, dancers, and rappers in the same groups, even though most K-Pop groups have singers, dancers, and rappers.

Amy Robach asked, “What makes your group so unique is you have singers, dancers, you even have rappers. How do you blend all of your unique individual talents into a band that works?”

ONCEs left comments on the video about how common it is to have singers, dancers, and rappers in the same group in the K-Pop industry and expressed their wishes that the hosts would have done more research ahead of their interview with TWICE.

See the full “Special K-Pop performance” video below.