American TV Program “Good Morning America” Takes Heat For Calling Korean Actress Youn Yuh Jung A “Breakout Star”

“So arrogant to think that just because she’s new to America, she is a breakout star…”

Following the success of Lee Isaac Chung‘s movie Minari, though it has been noticeably snubbed from two major categories, the American television program Good Morning America got Korean actress Youn Yuh Jung on a video interview.

“Minari” Poster | imdb

Though completely butchering her name, host Amy Robach acknowledged that Youn Yuh Jung is indeed one of the most respected actresses in Korea — by referring to her being called the “Meryl Streep of South Korea.” Overall, throughout the interview, the “What You Need To Know” hosts tried to celebrate Youn Yuh Jung’s scene-stealing “tough love grandma” role in the award-winning movie.

Youn Yuh Jung in “Minari.” | imdb

Unfortunately, while sharing the interview to their YouTube channel, Good Morning America titled the clip, “Meet the breakout star of ‘Minari’.” Since having been shared to the channel on March 3, 2021, the controversial title continues to take heat. Frustrated viewers are raiding the comments section with criticism toward Good Morning America for the sheer disrespect.

| Good Morning America/YouTube

By definition, being a “breakout” star means to “come to a sudden or smashing success especially in comparison to previous efforts.


While pointing out that Youn Yuh Jung has been around since decades ago with her debut in 1966 — appearing in countless Korean movies, dramas, and even entertainment programs, the comment section remains fiercely offended by the “American navel-gazing.

| Good Morning America/YouTube

Watch the interview here.

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