“Goodbye Dear Wife” Actor Ryu Si Won Married In Seoul Today

This is his second marriage.

Goodbye Dear Wife actor Ryu Si Won, 47, remarried a younger, non-celebrity woman today, February 15 (KST) in Seoul.

Source: OSEN

Earlier this month, Ryu Si Won’s agency officially announced the news of his marriage saying, “The bride and Ryu Si Won decided to live together based on their deep trust and love for each other.

Source: OSEN

Additionally, they said, “We would like to thank all those who love and support Ryu Si Won, and wish he and his wife a warm blessing for their new start in life. Si Won will continue to work hard as an actor in the future.

Source: OSEN

He was previously married to his former wife in 2010, before eventually splitting up in 2012. They have one daughter together. Their relationship ended officially in 2015 after three years of divorce lawsuits. This is his second marriage and an opportunity for him to build a new family. As this is the beginning of his new life, he is expected the resume activities in Korea shortly.

Source: wowkorea.jp