Got The Beat’s Taeyeon Might Have Just Given A Spoiler Regarding Plans For The Group

Is this the end?

Got The Beat recently made their comeback with “Stamp On It.” After an explosive debut with “Step Back,” the supergroup returned with a short but impactful round of promotions. The band also had their first ever fan sign, where they gave out autographs to lucky fans.

One of the lucky few fans shared that the staff had made sure no phones or cameras were out during the fan sign. As such, no photos were circulated online regarding the event. The event started late at night, later than 9.30 pm.

The late start along with the rental duration for the event resulted in the fan sign being rushed. The girls were advised not to sign the albums with names, but Seulgi, Winter, and Hyoyeon kindly did so anyway.

Seulgi’s autograph. | @itnw0628/Twitter

The event took about an hour to complete. At the end of the fan sign, Taeyeon made an impact with her closing words.

At the end of the fan sign, Taeyeon said this quietly but firmly. “The first and last fan sign for Got the Beat as ended.” LOL. I think it will be difficult for us to have such an event again.

— @itnw0628

What an unexpected twist! Fans aren’t sure if Taeyeon was referring to the group simply not having another fan sign in the future, or if the group would not be promoting together any longer. Regardless, the girls brought much joy to fans of all four groups all this while.