“We Got Married 4” casting new couples to begin in March

It was recently announced that MBC’s popular virtual-reality show We Got Married 4 is currently looking to make cast changes to reinvent the feel of the show.

According to broadcast insiders, the producers sat down to reinvent the show with a new feel and have already met with celebrities to determine new couples. In addition, sources reported that some new cast members have already been confirmed which means at least one of the current active couples will be stepping down from the show.

The crew is currently prepared to begin filming with the new couple in March.

LTE couple’s Kim So Eun, who was recently caught in a relationship scandal with Reply 1994 star Son Ho Joon, apologized to her on-screen husband Song Jae Rim for the scandal to which he swiftly responded, “There’s no need to be sorry for me. You don’t have to apologize to me because of it. Don’t carry such a burden because of the rumors.”

Jongah couple’s Hong Jong Hyun was rumored to be in a relationship with After School and Orange Caramel member Nana despite being married to on-screen wife Girl’s Day’s Yura.

Both couples have denied being in a relationship and have continued with filming with good spirits. However, fans have begun to speculate that the recent rumors have led the producers to find new couples. Meanwhile, Hong Jin Young and actor Nam Goong Min are currently the longest running couple on the show, making it difficult to predict which couple’s marriage will soon come to an end.

Source: OSEN