“We Got Married” staff remains silent on whether Yewon and Henry will appear in today’s broadcast

With the ongoing controversy surrounding former Jewelry member Yewon and Lee Tae Im, it is still unknown if Yewon and Henry‘s scenes for the variety show We Got Married will air on today’s broadcast.

After the “cursing” incident between the two women was leaked in the form of a video and revealed Yewon as the inciter of the situation in the eyes of many and not Lee Tae Im, Yewon has suffered a lot of backlash from not only netizens but on the shows she appears as well.

JTBC‘s Our Home was reported to have edited out Yewon in their broadcast in light of the controversy. In addition, the last broadcast of We Got Married did not show scenes of the new couple Yewon-Henry, though the preview of their engagement party was shared in the end.

However, staff from We Got Married has not revealed what will be aired on the upcoming episode (April 4th), and if the mentioned couple will appear.

Source: Sports Today