Netizens mock Star Empire’s latest statement regarding Yewon and Lee Tae Im

Netizens are mocking Star Empire Entertainment after the company released an official statement on March 31st, addressing the controversial incident between Yewon and actress Lee Tae Im.

In early March, a controversy sparked between the two women as reports revealed that Yewon had screamed and cursed at Lee Tae Im during the duration of MBC‘s Tutoring Through Generations. As the situation escalated, a video was uploaded on March 28th that captured the incident between Lee Tae Im and Yewon.

Since then, Yewon’s agency Star Empire released a statement regarding the matter, and has sent out another statement, this time with an apology.

Hello this is Star Empire Entertainment,

We would like to express our deepest regrets to those who love and cherish Lee Tae Im and Yewon for worrying them.

We are to be held accountable for not confirming facts with Yewon and hurriedly expressing our statement based on the stories we heard from staff members at the time of the event.

We failed to corroborate facts and acted rashly, not only hurting Yewon, but largely damaging Lee Tae Im’s career. We deeply apologize for this fact and will try to pay more attention to sensitive subjects in the future.

Yewon will try her best to mature through this incident, we promise.

We are sorry the apology is late in coming, but our situation was chaotic and we hope you understand.

Star Empire

Netizens, many of whom have asked Yewon to step down from her position opposite Super Junior-M’s Henry on MBC’s We Got Married, continue to be unmoved by the company’s statement.

1. [+ 56158, – 842] Unnie you don’t like me do you? – The biggest hit phrase of 2015!

2. [+ 44807, – 1609] They should have done this a long time ago it’s way too late now. I guess they were turning gears in their heads for a day or two but couldn’t think of anything but an apology..that’s how wrong they were. They couldn’t even find an alternative..go to Lee Taeim and personally make an apology.

3. [+ 41221, – 1262] So all there is left is for Yewon to step down right???

4. [+ 36433, – 825] Way too late…

Source: My Daily