Star Empire responds to leaked video of Yewon and Lee Tae Im’s conflict

A leaked video appeared earlier today that revealed the cussing incident between Yewon and Lee Tae Im that had resulted in the latter’s removal from the show, Tutoring Across Generations.

Previously, reports have indicated that Yewon had been wrongly criticized by Lee Tae Im on set and had been cussed at due to inappropriate behavior.

In order to address the incident, Yewon’s company released a statement regarding the situation as well as explaining the singer turned actress’ role in the incident.

On March 27th, a personnel from Yewon’s management Star Empire told Star News, “I saw the video and I don’t know what to say. Our stance hasn’t changed from what we previously said. Yewon does swear at the end but she is speaking to herself. I don’t want to make an issue out of that.”

Yewon previously stated, “I am sorry to have concerned so many people. I am thankful that she apologized first and I would like to cheer for her future sincerely. At the time, I was a guest at the program ‘Tutoring Across Generations’ and Lee Tae Im, who was not at ease due to personal reasons, misunderstood me who had no encounter with her previously.”

Meanwhile MBC has called for an emergency meeting after the video was released because they had no idea who uploaded this original footage. A staff member from the program Tutoring across Generations said, “The production team was just made aware of the situation and have called for an emergency meeting – we’re trying to make sense of the situation.”

Previously, Lee Tae Im had stated that she did indeed swear at Yewon, but Yewon had spoken informally to her. Yewon on the other hand said, “I never spoke informally; she must have misunderstood me.”

The leaked video of the incident has since been blocked worldwide and any version of the video that is being uploaded to YouTube is being automatically blocked by MBC.

Previously, it was reported that Lee Tae Im was removed from the show due to an unexpected conflict with cast member Yewon that stemmed from a misunderstanding. Since then, Yewon has been signed on as a part of the fixed cast of reality TV show We Got Married opposite Super Junior-M’s Henry

Source: TV Report and Star News