We Got Married forums flooded with request for Yewon to step down from the show

Following the controversial outburst from Lee Tae Im towards Yewon, an official video was leaked and has prompted many to ask Yewon to step down from We Got Married.

On March 3rd, it was reported that Lee Tae Im stepped down from the show Tutoring Across Generations after an unexpected outburst toward Yewon.

The video was uploaded on March 28th and although Yewon’s agency, Starship Empire, has released a statement regarding the matter, many have taken to the popular show’s discussion forum to ask for Yewon to step down from her position opposite Super Junior-M’s Henry on the show.

Due to her questionable actions that were seen in the leaked video, comments harshly criticized the singer saying, “If you have even a bit of conscience apologize and step down” because she was “so twofaced it scares me, gives me goosebumps.”

Meanwhile, other’s have pushed for the show to take action, “What are the staff doing?”, “Please edit Yewon out starting from today’s episode” while still thinking of Yewon’s partner saying, “please get Henry re-married.”

There have been a few voices cheering Yewon on saying, “show us good chemistry with Henry just doing your best is the best alternative right now” while others have defended her asking, “How is Yewon at fault?”

The top comments as listed below were up-voted and seemed to stem from the controversy between the two.

[+ 4843, – 275] Of course she has to step down ㅋㅋㅋ poor Henry

[+4495, – 209] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the end of some one who pretends to be the victim

[+3828, – 174] Get her off or close the program

Source: My Daily