GOT7 Send The Internet Into Meltdown With Third Set Of Concept Photos For New Self-Titled EP

Our bias list has been completely demolished.

GOT7 are keeping Ahgases well-fed with visuals!

Ahead of their May 23 comeback, GOT7 have now released three sets of concept photos for their self-titled EP.

| @GOT7/Twitter

First, they released GOT7’S HOUSE: UNDER CONSTRUCTION, showcasing the members as construction workers, representing the group’s “rebuilding.”

From left: Yugyeom, Jackson Wang, Mark Tuan, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Jay B, and BamBam of GOT7. | @GOT7/Twitter

Second, they released GOT7’S HOUSE: PACKING UP, featuring the members as sexy movers.

| @GOT7/Twitter

Now, GOT7 have released the third set titled GOT7’S HOUSE: FINISHING TOUCHES. This time, the members are designers.

| @GOT7/Twitter

And, Ahgases are impressed with how GOT7 are showing all stages it takes to build a home ahead of their official homecoming.

They’re also noticing subtle homages to previous eras.

Not only that, though, but all the members are also serving straight-up visuals and duality. We’ve seen them now in rugged denim on denim look and cleaned up in suits.

GOT7 have also released individual member shots, and they’re all here to wreck your bias list.

Mark Tuan may be in his designer era…

Mark Tuan | @GOT7/Twitter

But he’s also giving professor vibes, and we’re not okay.

Leader Jay B literally owns this era.

Jay B | @GOT7/Twitter

This was all our collective reaction, honestly…

Jackys, are we okay?

Jackson Wang | @GOT7/Twitter

Please, give us a warning next time, Jackson Wang. This is too much sharp content in one photo.

Jinyoung is practically auditioning for his next K-Drama role, and we’re ready for it.

Jinyoung | @GOT7/Twitter

Ahgases have some ideas too…

Youngjae with an exposed forehead is deadly!

Youngjae | @GOT7/Twitter

He’s serving look after look.

And, our “Spoiler King,” BamBam?

BamBam | @GOT7/Twitter

He’s giving young and rich CEO energy always.

If we didn’t know already, we would not have been able to guess this man is GOT7’s maknae.

Yugyeom | @GOT7/Twitter

Yugyeom is giving major bad*ss vibes in all concepts!

We’re all in danger from how hot the members are. We’re all definitely going to need hardhats to protect us as our bias list gets completely demolished.

Source: @GOT7