GOT7’s Jay B Trends As “Best Leader” — Here Is Why Ahgases Are So Proud Of Him

Leader Jay B is paving the way in the industry!

Ahgases are prouder than ever of GOT7‘s leader, Jay B, as he has once again proved just how much hard work he’s been doing for the group and for his members. He has not only joined GOT7’s ‘CEO line,’ but he has also worked hard to acquire the rights to GOT7’s iconic units!


Since GOT7 left JYP Entertainment, all 7 members have been working hard on their solo ventures. But they have also always made it clear that GOT7 is, and always will be, together.  As it turns out, no-one has been working harder to make that true than Jay B, who quietly applied to trademark many things for his new company 528Hz. The status of his application was still pending as of April 19…

…but new developments have Ahgases very excited. Reportedly, Jay B has now acquired the rights to the JJ Project, which he will co-own with Jinyoung

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…while also being the rights holder to JUS2 with Yugyeom.

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Additionally, Jay B now reportedly holds the rights to the name JB, which was his stage name in GOT7.

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While an official confirmation has yet to be made, Jay B’s hard work as a leader is already being praised. In September 2021, Jay B told Eric Nam on the Daebak Show that leaving JYP Entertainment had made him realize that that was the moment in which he had to really be a leader. He struggled with the weight of many responsibilities, but he pulled through. And now we know what all that paperwork was for!

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Jay B is all dedication and hard work, and he does everything in the best interests of his group and his members. He had to figure many things out by himself, but Ahgases are proud of him for doing so much for GOT7.

And as a variety show clip from 2015 shows…

…Jay B is a person with a good understanding of the bigger picture. Due to the fact that GOT7’s departure from JYP Entertainment as an intact group is practically unheard of in the industry, Ahgases can’t help but praise Jay B for accomplishing something that hasn’t really been done before.

He has achieved so much that he truly deserves the title of one of the absolute best leaders in K-Pop. GOT7’s situation is unprecedented, so Jay B is truly paving the way!

Ahgases will forever feel grateful for everything he has done for GOT7…

And they are hopeful now more than ever for what this means for the group’s future.

Jay B is doing something truly special, and we can’t wait to see where it takes him and his members. Perhaps a documentary of this historic moment really is a great idea…

An official confirmation of the news and of Jay B’s 528Hz will now be even more eagerly awaited!

Source: DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube