GOT7’s Bambam Reveals He Signed With Abyss Company Because Of Sunmi

They have such a close senior-junior friendship!

GOT7‘s Bambam and Sunmi are both former and current labelmates, and he shared that it was Sunmi’s influence that led him to choose Abyss Company!

In a behind-the-scenes clip of their birthday celebrations, Sunmi and Bambam showed off their close friendship, and also congratulated each other on their shared birth date of May 2!

The two reminisced about the first time they met while signed under JYP Entertainment, and talked about how much they’ve both grown since then!

Back in January 2021, GOT7’s contract with JYPE came to an end, and there was much speculation about where the members would go after it was announced that all 7 of them had chosen not to re-sign with the agency.

| @got7.with.igot7/Instagram

It was soon reported and confirmed that Bambam had signed an exclusive contract with Abyss Company (formerly Makeus Entertainment), home to Sunmi and Urban Zakapa!


In the video, Bambam revealed that he had called Sunmi for advice as she was a close senior, and he ultimately chose to sign with Abyss Company because of her!

I signed with Abyss Company because of you. I called you.


Sunmi in turn revealed that she was very grateful and happy that they were under the same agency again, with Bambam reassuring her that he made the right choice!

Sunmi: “Abyss, thank you. Thank you for signing with us Bambam.”

Bambam: “It was a good choice, I’m certain!”


The two artists also uploaded posts on their social media on May 2 to congratulate each other on their birthdays, and no one can get over their adorable friendship!

Watch the adorable clip here!

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