GOT7’s BamBam “Insults” J.Y. Park

He felt bad after!

Recently, GOT7‘s BamBam guested on the variety show The K-Star Next Door with Jonathan, Patricia, and (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon.

During the episode, BamBam and Miyeon played “Cry in Silence.” The two wore headphones, and Miyeon had to guess the keyword based on BamBam’s hints that he said, although she couldn’t hear him.

So, when the keyword was “JYP,” BamBam immediately shouted, “My former agency!” Miyeon didn’t understand, so he continued shouting hints, including “rice cake-eating gorilla.” She still didn’t guess, so they ended up having to pass.

Later, BamBam remembered what he had said during the game. He was embarrassed to realize he had said that to describe JYP (which is the name of not only his former agency but also his former boss, J.Y. Park). So, he apologized, promising to “treat” him next time.

Years ago, when BamBam was still under JYP Entertainment, he drew J.Y. Park as a gorilla. He claimed it was okay because his boss wouldn’t watch the live broadcast.

J.Y. Park and BamBam have maintained a relationship despite no longer working together. Read more below.

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