Fans Create Artwork Based On GOT7 BamBam’s Solo Album Teaser And He’s Loving Them

BamBam is impressed, and is it any surprise!

GOT7‘s BamBam recently announced his first solo albumriBBon, along with the title poster. After seeing the image, fans have been getting creative!

The poster is beautifully minimalistic with BamBam taking the center after being tied by a giant purple ribbon, and it brought out the inner artist from fans!


After the teaser was posted, many started posting fan edits of the poster on social media showcasing their creativity and love for BamBam.

BamBam must have been watching because he took to Twitter the day after the poster was released to share some of his favorite edits!

From editing his fellow GOT7 members, creating conceptual art, and even putting Harry Styles on the poster, it has once again proved that K-Pop fans are some of the most creative people.


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