GOT7’s BamBam Calls Mark Tuan While He’s Streaming On Twitch With Brother Joey

They’re literally friendship goals!

Despite the long-distance keeping them apart, GOT7‘s Mark Tuan and BamBam make the best effort to keep in touch!

Mark Tuan (left) and BamBam (right).

Last week, Mark was streaming on Twitch when viewers mentioned that BamBam had spoiled the group comeback. Mark tried to play it cool, but clearly, he was hiding something.

Things seem alright with him and BamBam, though, despite the spoiling of GOT7’s comeback because Mark streamed on Twitch again last night and BamBam called!

BamBam on Mark’s phone. | tuanzy/Twitch

Mark did a live stream for about three and a half hours. During it, his brother Joey joined him with some food. At that time, BamBam called Mark!

| tuanzy/Twitch

Mark picked up and greeted him, saying, Say ‘hi’ to everybody, Bam. Say ‘hi,’ Bam!” Instead of BamBam, all of Mark’s Twitch friends then said, “Hi, Bam!” 

| tuanzy/Twitch

He tried to get BamBam to say something again. Luckily, that time was a success because we heard BamBam’s iconic greeting.

Mark Tuan: Bam, say ‘hi’ to everybody. I can’t hear you.

BamBam: It’s your boy, Double B, BamBam!

| tuanzy/Twitch

Mark let us say “hello” to BamBam first, making sure to focus on the phone’s screen. BamBam appeared to be traveling somewhere and was wearing a mask.

| tuanzy/Twitch

He then gave the phone to his brother to say “hi.” Joey is actually quite close with BamBam too!

| tuanzy/Twitch

Mark stopped playing his game for a moment to catch up with BamBam. He asked BamBam what he was doing.

What are you up to? You’re on schedule? Oh, the bank? Okay.

— Mark talking to BamBam

| tuanzy/Twitch

After that, Mark took off his headset for a minute but appeared to be chatting. When he put his headset back on, he continued to be focused on the game he was playing and streaming.

| tuanzy/Twitch

We love this newfound tradition of BamBam calling Mark during his Twitch streams! Their friendship is so admirable.

Watch a clip from BamBam calling Mark during his Twitch stream below:

Source: tuanzy