GOT7’s BamBam Debunks Nose Job Rumors In The Most Effective Way Possible

That’s one way to shut down rumors!

At his debut, GOT7‘s BamBam was only 16 years old and was known for being super adorable.

GOT7’s BamBam

In the almost ten years since then, BamBam has become a handsome man, making his name known as an individual artist. His gorgeous features have landed him on many a magazine’s cover.

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Because of his visuals, it seems like some are curious whether he has gotten any plastic surgery done, leading BamBam to have to answer the question himself.

While there is nothing wrong with choosing to get plastic surgery done, many have a negative outlook on it despite it being so common. At the same time, many have a fascination with knowing what K-Pop idols have gotten work done.

Jessi is one of the idols who has been open about her plastic surgery. | Vogue Korea

This has led netizens to debate which idols have gotten plastic surgery. Stray Kids‘s Lee Know has been a frequent target and made headlines when he unknowingly proved that he had not gotten his nose done.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know Unknowingly Shut Down Any Room For Nose Job Allegations In The Most Efficient Way

In BamBam’s case, his nose is perfectly proportioned to his face, giving him a striking side profile.

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During a recent live broadcast, someone questioned BamBam about his appearance, apparently asking directly if he had gotten work done. Instead of just replying no, BamBam took an extra step in disproving, rubbing his nose in multiple directions.

After this, BamBam told viewers to “stop asking,” effectively shutting down the invasive questions.

Hopefully, BamBam will no longer have to deal with questions like this over his visuals!