Stray Kids’ Lee Know Unknowingly Shut Down Any Room For Nose Job Allegations In The Most Efficient Way

Two birds with one stone!

Stray Kids Lee Know is known for his beautiful nose. It’s almost perfect, with a high bridge and a sharp tip. He has a very slight bump on the bridge, which is already enough to prove that he’s all natural. Despite this, for the ridiculous haters who start rumors, he had a sure fire way that unknowingly shut them down.

The most common way idols beat plastic surgery allegations is through baby photos. Through his photo from his toddler years, you can tell that his huge eyes, cupid’s bow lips, and sharp nose are all natural.

| Pann Nate

A better and more unique way, is simply to sleep with mischievous cats! Lee Know once had his nose bitten by a cat he had adopted. Fans were touched to know how he gave up his bed and pillow for the cat despite being woken up in such a manner.

He also talked about the incident once, when fellow member Felix asked how it would be like to have him as a pet.

As deserving of praise as is his kind personality, fans took the chance to also use it as a way to shut down the haters. Such a nose can actually exist naturally! A done-up nose probably wouldn’t have survived a bite. He was just God’s favorite!

Source: Nate Pann

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