(★BREAKING) Here’s The Result Of GOT7 Bambam’s Military Lottery Draw

GOT7’s BamBam waited to see his fateful card that decides whether he will serve in the Thai military or not and the results are in.

GOT7‘s BamBam was in Thailand today for his military lottery drawing, which decides if he’s to be enlisted into the army or exempt from serving.


Each person has their fate decided with either a red card (required to enlist for 2 years) or a black card (exempt from service).


But it turns out, there was a third possible outcome! BamBam waited hours and hours for his turn.. and ended up being totally exempt. It turns out, most of the empty spots were filled by volunteers. The lottery is only meant for the remaining spots, unfilled by volunteers.


Multiple fans were live streaming the process, and when this was announced, the crowd erupted into a cheerful celebration.


To show his support, GOT7’s Yugyeom changed his profile picture to a black circle to send good vibes towards BamBam.


Now that he doesn’t have to worry about the military, BamBam will be returning to Korea soon. He’ll be joining his GOT7 brothers as planned, for their promotions.

BamBam joins fellow K-Pop idols 2PM‘s Nichkhun and NCT‘s Ten, who have also received exempt status from their military duty in Thailand.


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