GOT7’s BamBam Tried To Explain Himself To Youngjae After Spoiling The Group’s Comeback

Youngjae was panicking!

GOT7‘s “Spoiler King” BamBam recently hinted (and spoiled) that the group would soon be having a comeback. He was innocently trying to promote his own solo comeback with album B, and it just slipped!

While Jinyoung now knows that BamBam has spoiled the comeback…

‘Do you know that BamBam spoiled the GOT7 comeback?’… He’s always … makes … problem and trouble.

— Jinyoung

Not every member knows yet. So, BamBam has yet to face any repercussions, thankfully. But he can’t avoid the others for long, especially as he still talks to them regularly.

The leader has been quite busy thus so far BamBam’s safe there. In fact, while Jay B was interviewing himself over at KBS Cool FM‘s STATION Z

Over at MBC Radio, Youngjae was interviewing BamBam for Dream Radio. And, you know, with these two together, chaos was sure to ensue.

BamBam (left) and Youngjae (right).

Well, BamBam did what any responsible adult would do and attempted to admit his faults. He began to confess to Youngjae. And immediately, Youngjae’s eyes widened, clearly concerned and panicked.

I didn’t want to spoil it, but I made a mistake.

— BamBam

| @jaebambum/Twitter

Youngjae asked him to clarify. What exactly did BamBam spoil? Maybe it’s no big deal. We should give BamBam the benefit of the doubt.

| @jaebambum/Twitter

So, BamBam explained to Youngjae how he was being interviewed during his live broadcast, “BamBam 2nd Mini Album [B] ONLINE SHOWCASE.” During that time, he was asked about a potential date for a GOT7 comeback and replied that he “knew” but couldn’t reveal.

| @jaebambum/Twitter

Youngjae seemed to calm down after BamBam’s story. The two laughed it off, but they were clearly hiding more information…

Youngjae: What do you know though?

BamBam: Right? What do I know?

Youngjae: I don’t know. It seems like BamBam knows. I don’t know anything… I don’t know about it well.

| @jaebambum/Twitter

Based on Youngjae’s reactions throughout the whole thing and the fact that he began to panic at first 100% ensures us that there’s something big that he is worried would be spoiled.

You can watch the clip below:

Watch Youngjae and BamBam’s full radio show below:

Source: @jaebambum and MBC Radio