GOT7’s Jay B Interviewed Himself As Def., And It Was As Hilarious As It Sounds

There was a special guest appearance by Lim Jaebeom too!😂

As you know already, GOT7‘s Jay B is a man of many talents… and many names.

Jay B | @jaybnow_hr/Twitter

He is formerly known as JB, and his real name is Lim Jaebeom. In addition to being the leader of GOT7, he is a solo artist under H1GHR MUSIC and creates music as Defsoul (better known as Def.). He is also part of sub-units JJ Project with Jinyoung and Jus2 with Yugyeom and part of R&B soul crew Offshore.

His most recent release was as Def.. While he’s released music before as Def., Love is Def.’s first official EP release. He even released a physical CD with photocards!

| Warner Music Korea

So, as any artist does with releasing new music, Def. went on some radio shows to promote the new album. Do you know who has a radio show? Jay B.


When Ahgases realized that Def. would be the guest for KBS Cool FM‘s STATION Z JAY B’s R&B, they could only imagine how chaotic it would be.

And, it turned out exactly as we expected. Jay B literally interviewed Def…

DJ with a guest, Voice 3, Voice 4, no one can do it. There is only one person who can do this…

— @kpelarwan/Twitter

Jay B was a good host to the rookie artist. He asked questions related to the artist’s growth.

| @jaebambum/Twitter

The banter between the host and guest was certainly something. It was nothing short of entertaining for listeners and viewers.

| @jaebambum/Twitter

However, host Jay B found some of guest Def.’s responses unsatisfactory and boring. You can’t please everyone. 😂

| @jaebambum/Twitter

If you thought that was chaotic, you’ve not seen anything yet. Lim Jaebeom also joined the interview via call.

The only thing funnier than this episode of Jay B’s radio show is Ahgases’ reactions to the whole thing!


He is a joke #jayb#jb#jaebeom#def#ahgase#kpoper

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It inspired so many great memes. Like seriously, what in the multiverse is going on here?

There’s even fanart!

We’re so glad that STATION Z gave Jay B this opportunity. We love seeing him “be himself.”

A genius DJ that took good care of rookie artist #Def.
And even succeeded to connect with Mr. Lim Jaebeom via phone call
Here are some selfies from Team Leader Bbom
(ft. Biting his employee ID.. You are so guilty..)

— @stationz89.1/Instagram

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For the full Jay B x Def. interview, you can watch it below:

Source: @jaebambum and KBS Cool FM