GOT7’s Jay B To Release New Album As Def.—Here’s A First Look

It’s his first EP release as Def.

It may be his birthday today, but GOT7‘s Jay B is giving us a gift!

GOT7’s Jay B | Warner Music Korea & H1GHR MUSIC

Jay B is kicking off the new year with another solo album. This time, it’s under his moniker Def.  

| @jaybnow_hr/Twitter

He made the announcement via social media on December 31, 2021. He also revealed the cover art, an abstract piece of a couple embracing.


The upcoming EP is titled Love. This follows the release of his album SOMO: FUME.

| Warner Music Korea

While Jay B has released solo music before, this will be his first official EP as Def.

| Warner Music Korea

Love will consist of six tracks. Each song’s title sounds romantic AF.

The physical CD will include a booklet as well as one of two photocards, which will be randomly selected.

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| Warner Music Korea
| Warner Music Korea

We’re so excited to see these photocards! Even blurred, he’s so handsome.

Def.’s Love will be released under Warner Music Korea. It is available for pre-order starting January 5, 2022, and will officially be released on January 26.

We’re loving the contrast between Jay B and Def.

Read about how the musician described the difference between himself as Def. and as Jay B below:

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