GOT7’s BamBam Once Again Proves That There Is No Bigger GOT7 Fan Than Him

He was definitely prepared.

Fans are eagerly waiting for GOT7‘s long-anticipated comeback, GOT7, which will be released on May 23rd.

On May 14th, GOT7 released the first set of concept photos for their upcoming album titled GOT7’s HOUSE: UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

| @GOT7/Twitter

When the concept photos dropped, fans were torn between praising GOT7’s incredible visuals…

Getting emotional about the progress GOT7 has made as a group since their debut in 2014…

Joking about what the construction concept could possibly mean for the upcoming music video and performances…

And theorizing that the emotional message behind the construction concept is that GOT7 is working to build a new foundation as a group.

But, certainly, all fans were eagerly awaiting the first set of concept photos.

Although there is perhaps one GOT7 fan who was even more eager than anyone else. GOT7’s BamBam, an avid Twitter user, didn’t hold back in commenting on both his individual concept photo…

And the group photo.

Both of his comments simply said “first,” clearly proving his indisputable title as the biggest GOT7 fan.

Fans couldn’t get over how prepared BamBam was for replying to the photos.

And predicted that he would only continue to get more chaotic out of happiness that GOT7 was finally having a comeback. Which is entirely plausible considering how eager BamBam was to spoil what he could about the comeback.

Fans felt that BamBam’s reaction was all too relatable.

And can’t get over how precious his enthusiasm is.

Fortunately, Ahgases, including BamBam, have a lot more to look forward to, with two more sets of concept photos for the album and more promotional content yet to come.

GOT7’s BamBam Recreates His Iconic Meme And Teases Ahgases On Twitter Ahead Of Comeback


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