GOT7’s BamBam Promises To “Spoil Everything,” And Ahgases Are Ready

In BamBam, we trust for real!

GOT7‘s BamBam celebrated his birthday on May 2 with help from his members!

Jackson Wang shared a video on social media in which the members seemed to be in a rehearsal room for dance practice. Yet, instead of dancing, BamBam was getting whipped cream smeared face on his face. He replied, β€œThank you. Every year…”

The next day, BamBam shared his heartfelt gratitude for everyone who wished him a happy birthday, especially Ahgases. He reminded them that he always sees all they do!

Yet, he shared different messages on Twitter and Instagram. While Twitter received a selfie of the birthday celebrations’ aftermath, Instagram received a photo of his namesake, The Flinstones character.

In addition to thanking Ahgases for their continuous support and love, he promised them something. He will be a “good boy” and “spoil everything.”

Ahgases were loving BamBam’s sweet reference to his namesake.

Most of all, though, Ahgases are anticipating additional spoilers courtesy of BamBam! Spill everything.

BamBam is not BamBam without spoilers! This is why he is our “Spoiler King,” or as Jackson recently referred to him as “Mr. Spoil.”

Since the start of the year, BamBam has released one spoiler after another regarding the group’s comeback, and we love him for that.

We’re happy to hear that he won’t change his ways anytime soon. Besides, Jackson recently granted him permission to release more spoilers technically. Read more below:

GOT7’s Jackson Wang Grants BamBam Permission To Spoil More Regarding Their Comeback

Source: @bambam1a


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