GOT7 Finally Get Back At Their “Spoiler King” BamBam For His Birthday

GOT7 birthday celebrations are always chaotic!

GOT7 are finally getting back at their “Spoiler King” BamBam!

GOT7’s BamBam

BamBam has been unable to contain himself all year; he has too many secrets to tell! So, he has been releasing spoiler after spoiler relating to GOT7.

Ahgases couldn’t help but worry for BamBam, knowing that he and the members would soon all meet up. And, even on his way back to South Korea, Jackson Wang was low-key “shading” him.

Even recently, after lots of speculation, GOT7 was said to make a full group comeback in May, according to an exclusive report from Joy News24.

From left: Jinyoung, Mark Tuan, Jay B, Jackson Wang, BamBam, Yugyeom, and Youngjae of GOT7. | JYP Entertainment

If that was not enough “confirmation,” BamBam made it clearer with recent Twitter activity. Firstly, he simply tweeted “7,” which he then pinned.

Additionally, BamBam “liked” one article on Twitter about the comeback news. At the time of writing, he had not liked anything other than news related to his ambassadorship for the NBA team, the Golden State Warriors, and the release of his and Mayzin‘s new song “Wheels Up” until now, when he liked the Koreaboo article, announcing that reportedly GOT7 would make a full group comeback.

| @BamBam1A/Twitter

So, now, after months of BamBam’s spoiling GOT7’s activities, the members have finally got back at him!

The members might not gift each other birthday presents, but they have something even greater… Friendship!

| @marktuan/Twitter

Jackson shared a video on Instagram Stories in which the members seemed to be in a rehearsal room for dance practice. Yet, instead of dancing, BamBam was getting whipped cream smeared face on his face. He replied, “Thank you. Every year…”

| @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

Jackson captioned it, “Happy birthday, Snake,” along with laughter. Snake is BamBam’s representative animal.

While Jackson is the one who shared the video, Ahgases are speculating that it was actually leader Jay B who smeared the whipped cream onto BamBam’s face.

BamBam’s birthday celebrations with GOT7 are always chaotic, honestly!

BamBam celebrated his birthday on May 2. Previously, BamBam celebrated with his mom in Thailand as they share the same birthday.

BamBam (left) and his mom (right). | @kochakorn_1965_159/Instagram

Jackson continued to tease BamBam, posting the video of the GOT7’s “birthday celebration” on Twitter. He replied to BamBam’s “7” tweet with a birthday cake emoji.

It was all in good fun, though! BamBam even updated his social media profile pictures to his face covered in whipped cream.

| @BamBam1A/Twitter

It’s the same picture that Mark Tuan‘s friend and manager Randy Wong shared on his Instagram Stories.

Previously, Randy had also posted a video of the whipped cream aftermath.

Somehow, BamBam still looks so handsome!


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