GOT7’s “Spoiler King” BamBam Teases Group Comeback While Promoting His Own Solo Comeback

GOT7 have a comeback date in mind already!

GOT7‘s BamBam recently made his second solo comeback with his new album B. Also, he held a live broadcast, “BamBam 2nd Mini Album [B] ONLINE SHOWCASE.” It consisted of both performances and unboxing of the physical album.

GOT7’s BamBam at online showcase for “B.”

What Ahgases didn’t expect from the online showcase was that BamBam would end up spoiling another comeback…

| @BamBam1A/Twitter

Several times throughout the event, he couldn’t help but drop some spoilers for GOT7’s next comeback as a group. While all the members have been releasing music individually, it’s been about a year since the group departed JYP Entertainment and released the single “Encore.”

During the online showcase, he couldn’t help but talk about the members, which we totally understand because same.

Our members also talk about GOT7 activities a lot…

— BamBam

| BamBam/YouTube via @ddalche/Twitter

He quickly stopped himself though afraid that perhaps he was saying too much. He can’t reveal all their secrets!

If I say something more, I feel like I will say everything. So, I am gonna stop until here.

— BamBam

| BamBam/YouTube via @ddalche/Twitter

BamBam then later revealed that the members have all been in close contact. In doing so, they share songs with each other that they have intentionally written “with GOT7 in mind.” However, again, he stopped himself from revealing too much.

We also have songs that we wrote with GOT7 in mind. We share them with each other and talk a lot. …No… because if I say something, the members would be like ‘why would you say that?’

— BamBam

| BamBam/YouTube via @ddalche/Twitter

The host of the event recognized that BamBam frequently talks about the group. So, she wondered if there would be new music from GOT7 soon…

| BamBam/YouTube via @ddalche/Twitter

BamBam confessed that he does, for a fact, know when GOT7 will be making a group comeback. He’s just not allowed to reveal it just yet.

| BamBam/YouTube via @ddalche/Twitter

And that’s when he realized he messed up… We certainly don’t mind the spoilers, BamBam! There’s a reason he’s been called the “spoiler king,” after all.

Wait! It just came out like this. Members, I am sorry. It just came out automatically. I think I just need to shut up.

— BamBam

| BamBam/YouTube via @ddalche/Twitter

Please, GOT7 members, have mercy on our dear BamBam!

Recently, GOT7 celebrated their eighth anniversary as a group. They treated Ahgases to a reunion via Instagram Live. Read about it below:

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Check out BamBam’s MV for “Slow Mo” below:

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