GOT7 Celebrates 8 Years As A Group With An Instagram Live

The reunion we’ve all been waiting for and the chaos we all expected!

In order to celebrate their 8th year as a group since their debut in 2014 with “Girls Girls Girls,” GOT7 members got together to do an Instagram Live for their fans. Fans had been eagerly waiting for the live since Jay B spoiled it a few days ago.

Although currently the members are separated, they made the live work. Mark joined from his bedroom in L.A., Jay B, and Jinyoung sat together, BamBam, Youngjae, and Yugyeom joined in together. Even Jackson, who was busy with schedules at the time of the live, was able to make an appearance, with the BamBam, Youngjae, and Yugyeom trio holding up a phone Jackson called on.

Fans were overwhelmed with joy to see all of the members interacting with each other, showing off their lovely friendship.

Including the maknae line teasing the older members when their audio lagged…

Their personalities being shown in the varying ways each of the members greeted fans when they first joined the live…

Jackson feeling touched about his members forever supporting and encouraging him…

The maknae line teasing Jackson by calling him “Jack…”

All the members laughing together…

Jinyoung trying his best to control the chaos by telling all the members to raise their hand if they want to talk…

And the members all doing their best to be present to celebrate their anniversary, giving fans a memorable gift. Especially when it was challenging for Mark and Jackson (and the Jay B and Jinyoung subunit, JJ Project‘s wifi).

But with this live, fans also got renewed excitement as this coming year will be filled with schedules from each of the members.

Jackson has his recently released single “王嘉尔 JACKSON WANG.” BamBam’s second mini album, B, will be released on January 18th. Mark’s upcoming single, “My Life,” will be released on January 21st, 2021. And Jay B’s upcoming album Love will be released under his moniker Def. on January 26th.

And on today’s live, the members maybe even hinted at a possible GOT7 comeback with all the members.

This was definitely the perfect way to celebrate GOT7’s 8 year anniversary, as it was meaningful to both the members and the fans. Here’s too many more years of seeing what this group will keep bringing to the industry!