GOT7’s Mark Tuan Goes Shirtless For Sexy New Concept Ahead Of New Single “My Life” Release

He’s baring his all!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan recently accidentally dropped a major spoiler for his new single “My Life.”

GOT7’s Mark Tuan | @marktuan/Twitter

He had revealed a teaser on his Instagram in the form of a screen recording from his phone. On January 3 (PST), He shared a 15-second clip that included him typing, “When should i drop this?” as an audio recording of a ballad played.

The full song is yet to be released, so we and thousands of other Ahgases used the Shazam app as we listened to the audio recording in anticipation. Despite being a short audio clip, it was just enough to successfully Shazam it! After Shazaming, you will see that the title is “My Life,” along with unreleased cover art. Still, you can’t play the entire song.

As soon as we could Shazam it, Mark also realized what was going on. So, he went on Twitter to poke fun at his “mistake” and confessed that he “didnt think people could shazam the song…”

Now, he’s released even more teasers for the new single, but this time, it’s all on purpose…

Mark confirmed the song title as “My Life” and the official release date, January 21, 2022, at midnight (EST). While we anticipate the new song, he also revealed some new concept photos, and they’re sexy AF.

The aesthetic is dark and brooding. It also includes a shirtless Mark Tuan, which is not only super hot but could also be symbolic of “baring it all” in “My Life,” based on the personal title.

| @marktuan/Twitter

The rest of the concept features Mark in what appears to be a dark abandoned building. He rests on an old piano and props his feet up on a cinder block.

| @marktuan/Twitter

In addition to these, Mark has updated his profile picture and cover photos on social media sites such as Twitter. His profile picture is a trippy photo of himself that may look familiar as it’s the same cover art we saw on Shazam.

Profile photo | @marktuan/Twitter

The cover photo used as a header on Twitter is another sexy shot featuring Mark sitting at the center of “chaos.” We can assume that this is not merely a concept photo but perhaps a shot from his upcoming music video.

Twitter header | @marktuan/Twitter

It definitely makes us curious to see what else is to come! We will look forward to January 21. Until then, let’s continue to stream Mark’s “Last Breath.”

Source: @marktuan