GOT7’s Mark Tuan Accidentally Spoils New Song As Ahgases Shazam His Teaser

“We all learn from experience.”

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan just dropped a major spoiler for his upcoming new song… accidentally.

GOT7’s Mark Tuan | Creative Artists Agency

Mark dropped a teaser on his Instagram in the form of a screen recording from his phone. On January 3 (PST), He shared a 15-second clip that included him typing, “When should i drop this?” as an audio recording of a ballad played.

Commenters, many including both Ahgases as well as Mark’s own family and friends, responded, “Now!” We have to agree.

| @marktuan/Instagram

He’s, of course, yet to release the full song, so we, along with thousands of other Ahgases, used the Shazam app as we listened to the audio recording in anticipation. Despite it being a short audio clip, it was just enough to successfully Shazam it!

Screenshot on January 4, 2021. | Shazam

After Shazaming, you will see that the title is “My Life,” along with unreleased cover art. Still, you can’t play the entire song.

Mark soon realized that his fans had made this discovery, and he went on Twitter to poke fun at his “mistake.” He confessed that he “didnt think people could shazam the song…”

He also vented to his closest friends (fans in his personal Discord). Mark was able to laugh it off and call it a learning experience.

| @tuanzy/Discord

Yet, he realized Ahgases weren’t going to let him live it down. So, he went to bed as they continued to tease him.

| @tuanzy/Discord

Okay, but seriously, Mark, you can drop the new song now. 😉