GOT7’s Jay B Takes BamBam’s Place As ‘Spoiler King’ As He Confirms Special Plans For GOT7’s Anniversary

The tables have turned.

Fans were amused when, after many hints dropped by GOT7‘s ‘spoiler king’ BamBam, the one who actually revealed GOT7’s special anniversary plans was leader Jay B.

BamBam had been hinting at something big happening on January 16 for a while, most recently during a live stream that he held in which he said that there was a “big surprise coming.”

But now it seems like Jay B has taken his place as the spoiler king, as he said during his radio show that GOT7 will be having a reunion on live for the group’s anniversary on January 16—at least with the members who are able to make it.

This likely means that we will be seeing Jinyoung, Youngjae and Yugyeom as well as Jay B and BamBam at the reunion. Mark Tuan and Jackson Wang are currently in the US and China, respectively. But as we saw the last time GOT7 got together for Youngjae’s First Global Online Fan Meeting, it is likely that Jackson will connect virtually, at least for a little while. It would, however, be more difficult for Mark due to the time difference.

While it’s incredibly exciting that we’ll be seeing most of GOT7 together again, fans also found it hilarious that BamBam tried really hard to not spoil too much just for Jay B to end up spilling everything. It seems like the tables have turned!

Now fans have only to wait a little until we see the members together again to celebrate their eighth anniversary together.